Gas Station Safety

By completing this training session the candidates will have gained an appreciable understanding of:
  • Basics of fire triangle & behavior
  • Hazards associated with fuels
  • Workplace risk/safety assessment statement
  • Understanding the controlling of fire and explosion during filling operations of the ground fuel tank
  • Emergency response equipment
  • Know the emergency procedures for the following cases:
    • fire or ignition source occurs in the station
    • large flammable fuel is spilled
    • a threat of violence, personal injury, or theft
    • if an explosion occurs
    • the clothes of the customer or employees are contaminated with gasoline
    • if natural disasters occur
  • Rules to be observed in retail stores and service centers
  • Classification of Risk Areas
  • Knowing how to raise internal and external alarms.
  • How to isolate pumps.
  • Methods for identifying and reporting faults in equipment.
  • Safe Evacuation Procedures .
Duration : Two Days Training