Fire Safety Awareness



Developing knowledge on fire safety relevant to the role of the worker - whether it be practical fire extinguishment, carrying out hot work safely or working with dangerous substances. 
Upon successful completion of this one-day course, delegates will understand:
  • Basic concepts of fire
  • The requirements of Fire
  • Common causes of Fire
  • Fire Prevention and extinguishing
  • Action in the event of a fire



  • This one-day course is designed for all levels of staff.
  • It is needed for everyone in an organization to be aware of of the basic aspects of fire and its prevention.



  • The Nature of Fire
  • Concept of Fire - case study 
  • Fire classification and Fire extinguishers
  • Combustion principles and how fire spreads
  • Common Fire Hazards and Risk
  • Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • How and when to extinguish a fire
  • Workplace Fire Prevention and Common Causes
  • Actions in the event of fire and evacuation principles
  • Prepare for Emergencies
  • Employer / Employee responsibilities
  • Prevention of fire and fire extinguishers



  • The course is highly interactive with group discussions & exercises and will enable delegates to build on existing skills.
  • Realistic case studies and group discussions allow candidates to apply skills and knowledge to all stages of the assessment process.
  • Use of excellent interactive materials of international standards
  • Tutorials with PowerPoint presentations on all topics.



  • A Certificate shall be issued on successful completion of the course by Total Quality Safety Centre from Mnar website



  • Course Duration           :           1 Day
  • Course Assessment     :           Continuous Assessment and End of course written examination
  • Course Venue              :           Client Locations / Total Safety Quality Centre arranged Course Venue