ISO 14001 EMS Environment

Achieving and demonstrating sound environmental performance by controlling the impacts of the activities, products and services on the environment by any organisation is what is aimed by implementation of ISO 14001.

However consistent efforts by setting up environmental policy and objectives and meeting the environment legislations prevailing locally are imminent.

Towards an organization’s effort in development of policies and procedures, conducting environmental “reviews” or “audits” to assess their environmental performance – training forms a vital need for any such organisation.

Total Quality Safety Training Centre offers a wide range of qualifications as follows and also offers tailor-made qualifications to meet specific organizational needs:
  • Environment Management Awareness for general staff throughout the organisation
  • Internal Auditors for those involved in implementation and monitoring activities
  • Lead Auditors for key individuals in the organisation who heads the Environment Management System
  • Environmental Aspect Impact Assessment
  • Waste Management