Audits and Inspection

TSQTC offers business management consulting services to organizations of all nature and size in areas of setting up a management system and even in the form of Reviews Of Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental & Food Safety Management Systems. &!&&!& Our specialist consultants provide Audit and review services designed for all kinds of business / industries.


Many organisations have established quality and or health, safety and environmental management Systems. These systems work well year in and year out, but occasionally an independent audit or check is required where we could be able to assist to have a thorough and independent review of the existing level of implementation of the management system in the organisation.

Scope of Work

We will assign a Consultant to work with you to undertake an audit of the whole or a designated section of your system to ensure that it is operating as required. All deficiencies or shortfalls identified against the recognised standard will be reported to the management for appropriate remedial action to be undertaken.

Time Requirement

This will be dependent upon the scope of work for which we are engaged. Initial discussions will determine this as far as is practicable. A status report of the work undertaken will be presented along with appropriate recommendations and management action plan.